Western LA County Council High Adventure Team

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14,495' Club

This award may be earned additionally to a week-long trip award, when Mt. Whitney is climbed as part of the week ­long trip. 


  1. Meet all applicable General Requirements.
  2. Each Participant must:
    1. Have had a physical exam within two months of climb.
    2. Have completed a minimum of two conditioning preparation hikes prior to the Mt. Whitney trip. ONE of these must have been taken during the month preceding the climb, and must be at an elevation in excess of 9,000 feet.
    3. Hike to and from the top of Mt. Whitney, involving at least 3 days, with two nights at a trail camp. At the top, take a photograph of the participants at the hut. It is not necessary to carry a pack on the portion of trail involved in reaching the summit.
    4. Backpack carrying your own pack. Only those taking part in the entire trip from planning to completion will be eligible for the award. Pack out all your own trash and leave a clean campsite. DO A GOOD TURN AND EACH PARTICIPANT CARRY OUT APPROXIMATELY TWO POUNDS OF ADDITIONAL TRASH if possible.
  3. Outing Leader must: a. Submit an itinerary showing hike plan, roster, pack list, and menu to an approval person from your Council's High Adventure Team Roster. b. Fill in a trip report on reverse side and affix photograph taken at top of Mt. Whitney.
  4. The Specific Requirements shall supersede the General Requirements if there is an area of conflict.

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