Western LA County Council High Adventure Team

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Cub Conservation


This Award was established for younger Scouts who, like their older Scout brothers, believe in conservation as one of the ways to preserve America for future generations.


A conserving, preserving, guarding of protecting. A keeping in a safe or entire state; preservation.


  1. Meet all applicable General Requirements.
  2. Must have approval from agency or representative of area where conservation project is going to be done prior to accomplishing project.
  3. Tour permit and application form (reverse side) must be signed by the agency representative to get credit for hours worked.
  4. Must be a unit approved function.
  5. Each participant must be currently registered Cub Scout or Webelos Scout.
  6. Must be approved by a High Adventure Approval Counselor from the High Adventure Team Approval roster before awards will be issued.
  7. The Award is divided into 5 hour segments which are accumulative.
  8. Den Chiefs can earn equivalent Conservation Award in the Scouting program.
  9. These specific requirements shall supersede the General Requirements if there is an area of conflict.
  10. This Award will not be issued for picking up litter or trash. Please use the Los Padre Council's Anti-Litter Award for that type of project. 

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