Western LA County Council High Adventure Team

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Cycling Training


  1. Meet all applicable General Requirements.
  2. May be earned by Girl Scouts 11 years or older.
  3. Seven (7) hours cycling time. or 21 mile round trip, whichever comes first, with an overnight campout. Cycle trip (or time) may be earned anywhere.
  4. Contact an Approval Person from your Council's H.A.T. approval roster prior to doing the trip. Submit the following to the High Adventure Team Person if requested:
    1. Itinerary with route, alternate route and rest stops.
    2. Participant Roster including names, addresses and phone numbers.
    3. Planned menus.
    4. Personal and group equipment lists.
    5. Certification of safe bikes.
  5. Minimum food and equipment will be carried on the bicycle (Max. limit 20 lbs.). Equipment should include such items as jacket, rain gear, personal first aid kit, water bottle, long pants and tools. Sleeping gear and other equipment along with food should be carried in a motor vehicle.
  6. Group shall have a motor vehicle for emergency with them at all times.
  7. Minimum of two registered adults with each touring group, one of which shall be on a bicycle with Tour Group.
  8. Participants must be familiar with their State Vehicle Codes and the Orange County BSA Bike Aid Brochure and should be working towards, or have the Cycling Merit Badge. (Adults exempted on Merit Badge but it is strongly recommended that they complete the H.A.T. Cycling seminar.
  9. Bicycles must be currently licensed and pass inspection and be certified as safe (brakes, reflectors, tires, etc.) by a qualified cycling counselor or bike shop.
  10. Do a good camp or conservation project of at least one hour per participant, on, before, or after tour.
  11. Group size should be kept within the maximum recommended for the area of planned camp.
  12. Only two (2) Training Cycling Awards per person during their scouting career.
  13. The Specific Requirements shall supersede the General Requirements if there is an area of conflict.

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