Western LA County Council High Adventure Team

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Disaster Conservation

Designed to recognize those Cubs, Scout and Venturer Units who participate in the recovery action after a disaster or state of emergency so officially declared by any city, county, state or government agency.


  1. Must have approval from disaster agency or representative prior to accomplishing project.
  2. Council Trail Boss or his representative must be notified prior to accomplishing project.
  3. BSA Local Tour Permit is required if available, and must be signed by agency representative to get credit for hours worked.
  4. Minimum of eight (8) hours work required. May be cumulative but must be on same disaster.
  5. Participants must be currently registered in Scouting. Applications must be approved by H.A.T. approval person before awards will be issued. Retroactive to January 1971.
  6. Councils are encouraged to make segments for disasters in their area. Segments shall be 3/4" x 3" in any color with name of disaster on segment.
    1.  Sylmar Earthquake 1971
    2. Malibu Fire 1978
    3. Manderville Canyon, Pacific Palisades, Carbon Canyon Fires 1978
    4. Angeles National Forest Fire 1979
    5. So. California Flood 1980
    6. Whittier Earthquake 1987
  8. Award is retroactive to January 1986.

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