Western LA County Council High Adventure Team

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Leo Ferns Hiker of Character Award

This award has been developed by this Council as an alternative to the LAAC Training Hike award. Units that feel uneasy about going away from security and safety on training hikes may feel more comfortable by being at a Council Camp where security and safety is available.

 The purpose of the Leo Ferns Jr. Hiker of Character Award is to have Scouts

  1. Learn an appreciation of nature through conservation.
  2. Learn and use Spiritual guidance in their lives and
  3. Meet the challenge of a long term High Adventure trip and then an additional challenge of their choosing within the requirements.



  1. Meet all applicable General Requirements .
  2. Complete two long-term High Adventure trips of at least six days/five nights.  These trips may be Backpacking trips, Canoe trips or Cycling trips.
  3. Complete at least four hours of trail building or maintenance, OR participate at least four hours in a conservation project. Conservation projects may be of an urban nature (such as setting up a recycling program at an office, school classroom or church) or the project may be of a wilderness nature (such as erosion control, tree planting, etc.).
  4. Service hours for requirement 3 may not be used for any Rank Advancement or for any other Award.
  5. Lead a Scout’s Own Service on a long term trip with your Patrol or Crew.
  6. Alternative to requirement 3 for High Adventure trained adult leaders:
    • Serve as an active member on the High Adventure Team for at least three years, serving as a Staff Member, Course Instructor or Course Director or any combination during a three year period.
    • This Award and the completion of any of the above requirements are retroactive for Council High Adventure Staff, Trainers, Course Instructors and Course Directors retroactive to their date of completion of Basic Backpacking.
  7. The Specific Requirements shall supersede the General Requirements if there is an area of conflict.

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