Western LA County Council High Adventure Team

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Mountain Bike Award

This award is designed to promote the safe and careful enjoyment of mountain biking with minimal impact by fostering LNT principles. See attachment for references and trail information.


  1. Meet all applicable General Requirements .
  2. This award may be earned by registered Boy Scouts, Varsity and Venture youth and their registered leaders.
  3. It may be earned by registered Cadet and Senior Girl Scouts and their registered leaders.
  4. Before the ride, meet requirements 1 and 4 of the B.S.A. Cycling Merit Badge.  Girl Scouts should use the B.S.A. Cycling Merit Badge pamphlet as a reference for these requirements.
  5. Review the Leave No Trace rules and requirements.
  6. Obtain a copy of the International Mountain Bike Association “Rules of the Trail” at http://www.imba.com/ , and FOLLOW THESE RULES on the trail.
  7. Each Scout participant must complete B.S.A. First Class rank First Aid requirements.  Girl Scouts should use the B.S.A. Scout Handbook as a reference for these requirements.
  8. Each scout participant shall have completed one of the following three HAT awards:
    1. The Cycling Weekend patch;  or
    2. The Cycling Achievement Award; or
    3. The Boy Scout Cycling Award.
    * The above awards may be earned on flat paved areas.
    Girl Scouts shall have completed the equivalent requirements to one of the above awards.
  9. The requirement for the patch and the ten mile rocker (green) is two days on the trial for a minimum of ten miles on the first trip.  Rockers may subsequently be earned on trips of 15 miles (red), 20 miles (bronze), 25 miles (gold) and 50 miles (silver) but all these must be earned over a minimum two days on the trail.  Only one stripe may be earned on each trip but after the ten mile trip, the trips may be earned in any order.  All trips should be planned for enough days so that speed is not an issue and safety is not sacrificed.  A fifty mile trip will not be pre-approved by a HAT counselor for an award without a minimum of three days and a four-to-five-day period is highly recommended.
  10. Minimum three registered adult leaders with each tour group, two of which must be on bicycles and one in the support motor vehicle.  The group shall have a support motor vehicle for emergencies as close as possible at all times.  Adults should carry cell phones and/or electronic communications devices.
  11. Every rider must a safety helmet have and wear it at all times.  Every rider shall
        carry a spare inner tube and have the tools and ability to change a flat tire; each
    rider must have a spare tire in the support vehicle.  The tools to carry on the bikes include an air pump, tire spoons, wrenches for your type wheels and a patch kit.
  12. Ride only on established and approved dirt-bike trails or unpaved fire roads that are open to bicycles.  No bushwhacking allowed.  The overnight must be by tent camping.  No overnights     in cabins or other structures.
  13. Perform one hour of trail maintenance, which may be done on the tour or either before or after the tour days.
  14. It is recommended that the Boy Scouts should be working on the Cycling Merit Badge.  It is also recommended that adult leaders have completed the H.A.T. Cycling seminar.
  15. The Specific Requirements shall supersede the General Requirements if there is an area of conflict.

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