Western LA County Council High Adventure Team

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National Resource Trail

A conservation award program designed for all members of the B.S.A. and G.S.A. to help stop the deterioration of our hiking trails. For all Units, whether they be hiking or drive-in type campers. The H.A.T. will provide supervision and project planning using approved, experienced, trained, Trail Bosses, so everyone should be able to participate.


  1. Meet all applicable General Requirements .
  2. The complete program requires a minimum of thirty (30) hours of conservation work on any public lands (Lands under any government agency control). Hours may be accumulated over periods of time.
  3. The five (5) National Resource Trail Program Awards are earned in six-hour increments as follows:
    6 hrs. = Green border
    18 hrs. = Silver border
    12 hrs. = Red border
    24 hrs. = Gold border
    30 hrs. = HAT pin
  4. All projects must be approved in advance by an approved Council Trail Boss. Trailwork is an excellent Eagle project. Those participating in Eagle projects may qualify for these "National Resource Trail" program awards if the requirements are met.
  5. The Specific Requirements shall supersede the General Requirements if there is an area of conflict.

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