Western LA County Council High Adventure Team

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Silver Knapsack Trail

The Silver Knapsack Trail is recommended for the group with little or no backpacking experience who would like to try it on their own. 


  1. Meet all applicable General Requirements .
  2. Outing leader or another 21 year old adult going on trip must have completed the Basic Backpack Awareness Course.
  3. An approved Conservation Project of six (6) hours per participant is required. Participants must show evidence of completion.
  4. Make advanced reservations at the Council Service Center Camping Department. Pay fees. Failure to do so can disqualify the participants for the award.
  5. Recommended age is 11 years old or older. Prior to departure, each Scout must demonstrate the following scout skills or have earned the following Merit Badges. Camping, Cooking, First Aid and Swimming. Adult and Venturers must have the equivalent knowledge. Outing leader to verify compliance.
  6. An itinerary must be reviewed prior to starting the trip by the Council High Adventure Team and one must be filed with the Camp Director at Camp Wolverton upon arrival.
  7. Trip must start and end at Camp 'Whitsett. Minimum time on trail - 6 days and 5 nights, backpacking distance must be a minimum distance of 43 to 50 miles (25 hrs.). Days and nights spent at Camp Whitsett are not counted toward trip days.
  8. Each participant, including adults, must complete a minimum of three (3) conditioning overnight backpacking trips, including one at, or near, the altitude of the proposed trip, within three months prior to departing on the trip.
  9. The Specific Requirements shall supersede the General Requirements if there is an area of conflict.

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