Western LA County Council High Adventure Team

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Webelos Hiker


  1. Meet all applicable General Requirements.
  2. In one year's time, participate in four (4) outdoor hiking activities.
  3. The outdoor hiking experience must have a planned program to cover the outdoor requirements for the following activity awards:





  1. One of the outdoor hiking activities should be a parent/son experience.
  2. The unit leader is to submit a minimum of four BSA Local tour permits, and have an Approval Counselor from your Council's High Adventure Approval roster sign and approve award application.
  3. As a Webelos, this patch will be worn in the temporary position on the right pocket of the uniform shirt. Or, it may be put in a plastic holder and hung from the right pocket.
  4. When the Webelos becomes a Scout, he then puts his award on his pack or pack flap.
  5. All four activity badges must be earned prior to receiving the Webelos Hiker patch.
  6. Webelos do not have to go on the same hikes - but each boy must have the four outdoor experiences to qualify for the award.
  7. Each hiking activity must be a minimum of one (1) mile.
  8. These specific requirements shall supersede the General Requirements if there is an area of conflict.

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