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Scout/Webelos Weekend

This award is designed to promote a better Pack-Troop relationship, and promote Cub interest and awareness in the Boy Scout program. The award provides interaction and preparation for the transition from Webelos to Scouts. The activity will be a planning/teaching experience for the Scouts, and a learning/doing experience for the Webelos - and an educational experience for the adults.


  1. Meet all applicable General Requirements and Webelos overnight camping policies. Make advanced reservations at a Council Camp.
  2. This activity will be conducted in uniform (a minimum of scout/cub shirt, belt and scarf).
  3. Weekend Campout of 2 days and 1 night (LDS Units may earn this award in 2 one day outings to accommodate church policy).
  4. High Adventure Team Approved Council Camps are to be used. This will help accomplish a meaningful experience within a good environment, with good facilities and without the distraction and problems associated with public campgrounds.
  5. Adults have a separate campsite and program. This may include scouting and troop program awareness, Webelos transition, future activities, etc.
  6. The program and schedule will be planned by Scouts to include Scout Skills and related Webelos Activity Badge requirements. Scoutmaster and Webelos Leader to approve plans.
  7. Preparation of meals to include cooking skills and Webelos Outdoorsman Activity Badge Requirements.
  8. Saturday requirements (1st day for L.D.S.):
    1. Camp setup including campsite selection, arrangement, tent setup, cooking areas, sanitation and wood cutting area are to be setup by Scouts and Webelos.
    2. One morning and one aftemoon learning session to be conducted by Scouts for Webelos (see suggestions).
    3. Dinner to be prepared on approved type fire. Cooking will be with approved equipment and utensils (see suggestions).
    4. Saturday night campfire (L.D.S. units may do this on 2nd day's activities). Scouts and Webelos to make plans including songs, skits, recognitions, awards, etc. Campfire does not need to have a real fire or be after dark. Adults may be included.
  9. Sunday requirements (2nd day L.D.S.):
    1. Dinner to be prepared on approved type of fire. Cooking will be with approved equipment and utensils. Adults may be included.
    2. Scouts Own to be conducted by boys. Adults may be included.
    3. One learning session to be conducted by Scouts for Webelos. This should be a Nature type experience (see suggestions).
    4. A one hour service prioject, assigned by Camp Ranger, is to be completed. Adults qualifying for award must also participate.
    5. Scouts and Webelos to disassemble Camp areas to be put back as found. Equipment to be packed and stored properly and campsite to be left cleaner than found.
    6. An evaluation of the activities will be conducted including Adults, Scouts and Webelos.
  10. The Specific Requirements shall supersede the General Requirements if there is an area of conflict.
SUGGESTIONS: Learning sessions and program considerations

Webelos Activity Badges:
OUTDOORSMAN- outdoor fire safety, visit a Scout Camp, help cook meals, campfire program.
FORESTER - Identify 6 different forest trees and plants, plant 20 forest tree seedlings, discuss harm and prevention of forest fires.
NATURALIST- Identify poisonous plants and reptiles.
SHOWMAN - Sing 2 songs, one act plays, play 4 tunes on an instrument.
ARROW OF LIGHT - First Aid Requirements.
AQUANAUT - Swimming, boat safety, rescue.

Scout Skills:
CAMPING - Knots, lashings.
CONSERVATION - Outdoor Code, conservation project.
COOKING - Tote-N-Chip, fire building.
ENVIRONMENT - Plant and animal identification.
FIRST AID - Shock, bandages/slings.
MAP READING - Compass work.
SWIMMING - Swim, rescue.

Cooking: Tin can cooksets and stoves could be a troop and/or Webelos project prior to outing or project done at camp.

Resources: High Adveriture Team members, Scout Handbook, Webelos and Scout Program Helps, Boys Life, and various training session materials.

Typical Scout camps are:
Camp Kern - Southern Sierra Council
Camp Jubilee - Western Los Angeles Council
Camp Three Falls - Ventura County Council
Lost Valley - Orange County Council

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